There’s a new weapon in the $59 billion market on the War on Terrorism that could easily send this company’s stock from $1.50 to $9 in the next 24 months.

I’ve discovered a high-tech security company with the FIRST DEVICE to instantly detect deadly TATP explosives!

Terrorists attempted to use these explosives at London Heathrow Airport
on a U.S.-bound plane.  Deadly suicide bombers have used it in Israel.
Shoe bomber Richard Reid almost succeeded taking down a plane with it.

Deadly and volatile TATP explosives can be made in anyone’s basement
and yet couldn’t be detected by airport security…UNTIL NOW.
Here is your opportunity to quickly triple your money on new explosive
detection technology from a company currently trading at $1.50 a share!

ACRO Security Technologies (ACRI.OB)
is an investor’s dream stock!

Already shareholders have seen it soar from $.02 to $3—in just 12 months! 

You now have the opportunity to get in at $1.50 a share—before it potentially DOUBLES again!

Acro has the one and only technology to detect peroxide-based
explosives—the very ones terrorists have used in deadly attacks!

A 200%-500% boom in share price is easy to see when you realize...

ACRO Security Technologies (ACRI.OB) has something no one else has—a patented Peroxide Explosive Tester (P.E.T.) –the very first detector that INSTANTLY identifies the liquid peroxide-based Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) and other common, harmless-looking homemade explosives.
My 30 years experience in investing has taught me that the really big returns come from little-known, specialty companies—like Acro—with enormous room to move up.
Of course since September 11th I’ve made buy recommendations for numerous companies in the security and homeland defense sector and my subscribers have made stunning gains on them—just as I expect Acro to do.  For instance…

Firearms Training Systems (OTCBB: FATS)
A natural pick after 9/11, but most investors had never heard of it.
Shares rocketed a whopping 786% in 36 months!
Precision Castparts (NYSE: PCP)
In 21 months, the stock shot up 300%!
BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP)
I recommended it soon after a 2001 merger when it lost nearly 50% of its stock value. It shot up 260% and is still climbing.

These are not isolated examples. Subscribers to my Intelligent Investor Report have raked in average profits of nearly 58.23% in the last year.  Plus, 40 out of 45 of my picks in the past 12 months have been winners!

I’m convinced Acro is next!

Remember how airports recently banned virtually every type of liquid known to man? That was because of TATP explosives—the very ones ACRO’s new security device detects in an instant.

Today TATP cannot be detected by security at U.S. airports, which is why the ban on liquids was so radical.  Our airports have NO way to test for peroxide-based explosives.  None.  That sure puts the 658 million people passing through our major airports at far greater risk.

What’s more, the substance is extremely explosive.  It’s the same one that shoe bomber Richard Reid attempted to use…the explosive used in the July 2005 London bombings and 2004 Madrid train bombings…and the explosive that  terrorists recently planned to use to obliterate a flight from the U.K. to the U.S. 

In its finished form, even specially-trained dog can’t sniff out TATP.

When baggage handlers and airport security come across it, they have no way of determining whether the substance is a dangerous explosive or a harmless substance like sugar. 

All it would take to send a plane plummeting from the sky is two small canisters of TATP the size of baby-powder bottles

That’s not much.  But ACRO-P.E.T. lets security accurately detect and identify this deadly substance in even the smallest amounts, and provides this lifesaving information in seconds. In just four simple steps TATP and peroxide-based explosives can be identified.

  In seconds ACRO P.E.T. simply changes to blue-green if TATP is detected.
Security personnel love the P.E.T detector because it comes in a handheld, pen-sized package that’s small and easy to use.

Liquid explosives like TATP are a serious threat to all travelers.  In fact, detecting this explosive is "one of the fastest-growing industries," says Tomer Amit, vice president of Homeland Security Research . 

Besides airports think about the rebel activity going on in Nigeria and the volatility in Iraq—a country who would love nothing more than to hold us hostage when it comes to oil. Those who hate Americans the most are more than willing to use explosives and blow the pipelines—and themselves—to pieces. 

Imagine being able to detect TATP explosives on suicide bombers before an entire nightclub or sidewalk café is blown to smithereens.

The need and demand for ACRO and explosives detection devices has never been more critical and that’s clear when you realize that sales negotiations are already underway with numerous high-ranking security agencies to purchase the ACRO P.E.T.

Security companies, government, military and businesses are projected to buy up the ACRO-P.E.T. like they bought up metal detectors, airport screening machines, chemical biological and radiological detection devices to the tune of billions.

For more information visit

“The recent alleged plot to use liquid explosives to blow up U.S. airliners over the Atlantic will maintain the industry's steady growth” –Tomer Amit, vice president of Homeland Security Research 

As a world-leader of explosives-detection technology, ACRO shares could easily soar 500% in the next 24 months!

Double, triple or quadruple returns would make Acro my next homeland security superstar—just like my other picks that brought my Intelligent Investor Report subscribers of  profits of 62% to 416% in just months.

40 out of the 45 stocks picks I made in the past 12 months have been winners with a 58.23% average return per pick!

I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and my record of successful stock picks now is one of the top three investment newsletters in the country—compared to Hulbert’s Interactive Rating Service top picks—thanks to my 58% overall rate of return on my stock recommendations.

Other examples of my winning picks include:

  • Bullion River Gold (BLRV, OTC), up 50% just three months after I recommended it in August 2004.
  • Centurion Energy (T.Cux, Toronto) up 416% since I recommended it in September 2004. (That's not a typo.)
  • Occidental Petroleum (OXY, NYSE), up 39.67% since I recommended it in September 2004
  • Teck Cominico (T. Tek B, Toronto) up 78.12% in six months.
  • Fidelity Select Energy (FSESX, Mutual Fund), up 59.87% since October 2004.
  • Evergreen Solar (ESLR, Nasdaq), up 93.06% since November 2004
  • United Services Global Resources (PSPFX, Mutual Fund), up 27.82% since January 2005 (7 weeks)

I’m no cherry pickin’ stock picker…

In 2005, my average stock pick was up 38%.  For year ending 6/30/06, it was up 58.23%. 80% of last year's picks were winners!

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Who do you trust for profitable picks when it comes to homeland security or anti-terrorism: TV’s talking heads or America’s leading expert in investing in the age of terrorism?

Not to float my own boat but in 1993 I correctly predicted a major terrorist attack here in the U.S. in my trailblazing book The Rage of Islam:  America is the target:  your finances will be the victim.
“America is extremely vulnerable to terrorist violence.  New York and Washington, D.C. are prime targets (in the next terrorist attack) our key financial exchanges could be destroyed.  We will go through the fire.”

September 11, 2001 tragically proved the accuracy of my predictions.  There were many others as well, including my prediction for the collapse in 1999.  I called these stocks “incredibly overpriced and ready to plunge.”
Three years ago, in a Special Report called Investing in the Age of Terrorism, I predicted $50 oil, $400 gold, the new commodity boom market and soaring energy and defense stocks.  All have come to pass.

Now I’m projecting that Acro Security Technologies will be the next winner to the tune of a potential 400% in just 24 months. 

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Just ONE pick could easily make you 10-times the cost of your subscription. Right now, I’m projecting the next winner to be ACRO Security Technologies (ACRI.OB).

Yours for profitable investing,

Jarret Wollstein
Publisher, Intelligent Investor Report

P.S. Keep in mind that ACRI.OB is in a prime position for potential 200% gains or 500% longer term.  That's like turning every $100 you invest into a $300-$600!  

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ACRO Security Technologies

Symbol:  ACRI.OB

Growth Projection:
200% in 12 months
500% in 24 months

Current share price:

12 month target price:  $4.50
24 month target price:  $9.00

Recommendation:  Strong Buy Up to $3.00

80% MORE powerful than TNT, TATP could be your deadliest enemy

One of the most sensitive explosives known, TATP is a mixture of acetone and hydrogen peroxide—chemicals right under my own bathroom sink! 

TATP can easily be made or bought without anyone asking questions and without arousing suspicions.  What’s worse?  Instructions for making it can be found online.  One little trip to the local hardware store or pharmacy and any terrorist is in business.  

If our government or a security company believes they can stop terrorists dead in their tracks and prevent another evil attack of any kind, you can bet your last buck they’re going to invest in the technology. 

ACRO Security Technologies could very well be next on their buying screen.

ACRO is part of a mammoth market that could be headed as high as $730 billion!

Protecting our citizens, our borders, our country, is big business.  Even if we don’t have another major terrorist attack like 9/11, Homeland Security Research says the market for security goods and services is expected to increase to $178 billion in 2015—triple its current value.

Homeland security is a booming global business.  It’s already so huge that it already dwarfs the $40 billion motion-picture and the $39 billion music industry put together.

Now you and I both know it is unlikely we won’t be attacked.  Osama and his evil brethren have vowed “Death to America.” Fundamentalist Arab madrasses (religious schools) are teaching thousands of young men to dedicate their lives to jihad (holy war) against the west and promising them eternal paradise with 72 virgins if they die as suicide bombers. A recent study found that the number of madrasses have more than tripled in the past four years!

And they mean what they say. In just the past 18 months, Muslim suicide bombers have killed hundreds in bombings of nightclubs in Indonesia . . . buses and subways in England . . . and trains in Spain. In the US, authorities barely managed to stop new planned attacks on financial centers and landmark buildings in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

This won’t end any time soon. Continuing terrorist attacks on the west are expected to quickly increase the global security market more than 12-fold to a $730 BILLION a year market – making it one of the largest industries in the world.

The market for Acro’s innovative, life-saving technology is truly global.

Jarret Wollstein
Editor & Publisher

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ACRO Security Technologies

Symbol:  ACRI.OB

Growth Projection:
200% in 12 months
500% in 24 months

Current share price:

12 month target price:  $4.50
24 month target price:  $9.00

Recommendation:  Strong Buy Up to $3.00

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