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     This company's product is already producing electricity in 1200 locations worldwide. In Europe, wind towers are everywhere. Denmark now has achieved 100% wind power capability. Germany is building fast to the same objective. In China, a massive build up in wind power is underway.

     In America, we’re just getting started. By 2010, the Department of Energy tells us that wind generated power in America will have skyrocketed to $28.8 billion annually. That’s 1,000% growth in this decade...and that will double in the decade that follows. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake!

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     The stock is Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) and I can tell you with utmost conviction, this company has an excellent chance of capturing 25% of the new turbine construction in America. As I mentioned above, that's becoming a $28.8 billion market.

     Even the quick profit potential with an AWNE buy is impressive.

My forecast for AWNE is 400% growth
in the first 6-12 months!

     We’re in the midst of an epic build up in America’s wind power capacity that rivals the build up of the U.S. highway system triggered during the Eisenhower administration.

     Remarkably, not a single investment advisor I know has caught wind of this.

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move today. Let me review why I see the profit potential in AWNE so clearly on the horizon...

  • Wind turbine orders are on track to at least double year over year!

  • Within 3 years, U.S. wind turbine sales should hit $28.8 billion!

     Excuse the interruption...here’s the best part!

  • Globally, only a handful of companies build wind towers and most (like GE and Vestas) are back-ordered 2 years! They have nothing to sell!

  • Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) is walking into a wide-open U.S. market with the right product at the right time!

Do you see what I see?

     No competition in the face of soaring demand! There’s nothing but upside here with massive profit potential that you do not want to miss!

     I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Americas Wind Energy is about to enter a wide open multi-billion dollar market with virtually no competition and a product already proven worldwide.

     You could make a fortune from this!

     When I say “no competition” I mean it. Explosive growth for wind energy towers has caught manufacturers like GE napping.

     They and others like them now report 2-year back-orders on their wind energy equipment. They literally have nothing to ship to meet new orders.

     On top of this, pressure from the Oval Office, the Department of Energy, U.S. military, and countless others is making wind energy the most important new energy technology since nuclear!

     I firmly believe that with its global experience and state-of-the-art wind turbines, America’s Wind Energy could easily become the dominant player in America’s wind energy future.

Did GE’s blunder uncork a $28.8 billion market for wind turbines?

     I can only guess how GE underestimated market demand for wind turbines. Now, their back-orders extend into years, leaving the market for new orders wide open.

     Americas Wind Energy is moving in fast. So when it comes to making profits from wind energy, nothing holds a candle to AWNE’s profit potential.

     If AWNE captures just 10% of America’s market for wind turbines, they reap $2.8 billion in annual sales!

     Imagine what that will do to a stock now trading with a $60 million market cap! It’s going to go ballistic. When it does…you could make a fortune!

But here’s the kicker that could
double or triple your early gains…

     With back-orders plaguing competitors, Americas Wind Energy could lock down 25% or more of North American wind turbine sales over the next 3 years.

     That’s a stunning $3.6 billion in revenues just from U.S. sales alone.

     Add to that $1 billion Canadian Sales plus 18% of Worldwide AWT sales (more about that in a moment) and Americas Wind Energy could be posting over $2 billion in revenue by 2010. Given that…

My Three-Year Share Price
Target for AWNE: $30.00!

Bought at $1.50,
that’s 2,000% growth in 36 months!

Starting with $10,000,
you could pocket $190,000 in pure profit.

     I flat out guarantee you’ll never see profit like this from a juggernaut like GE! AWNE also gets you a big piece of the world market for wind energy! If you like investing with guarantees, then you’ll love this fact about Americas Wind Energy.

Americas Wind Energy owns 18% of Advanced Wind Technology (AWT), one of the world’s leading producers
of wind turbines.

     Under the name Lagerway, AWT has more than 1,200 operating windmill installations worldwide. With global growth of wind energy surpassing all other energy types, AWT should pour additional millions of revenue into Americas Wind Energy coffers. That’s why you MUST GET IN on AWNE NOW…before institutional investors and Wall Street gets wind of it!

     I’m urging you here…buy as much AWNE as you can...before this profit-making hurricane hits Wall Street!

     No one appears better positioned to meet skyrocketing demand for wind energy turbines than Americas Wind Energy.

     It’s clear that wind energy is coming of age. In America, it’s triggering a massive, multi-billion build up of windmills that will one day supply one-quarter of America’s electricity.

How long should you wait?
Not a minute longer!

     Right now, Americas Wind Energy is building wind towers at about $1.5 million each. You can be certain that the PR will be next.

     What’s more, Wall Street will soon discover wind power in its back yard! When they do, AWNE should be next.

     Just this year, the General Services Administration announced that the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and 22 Federal buildings throughout New York City will be running 100% on wind power!

     Nationwide, wind energy use is skyrocketing. It’s now growing at pace that will erect 10,400 new wind towers in the United States over the next three years.
Since GE and Vestas (the lead suppliers in the past) are so seriously back-ordered, America must turn to another supplier.

     Americas Wind Energy is one of the few, if not the only company capable of meeting soaring demand.

     I want you to think how much money you could make from this stock...

Americas Wind Energy
AWNE Buy Now up to $3.00

First Target: $6.00/6-12 months
Second Target: $30.00/24-36 months

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Check out America's Wind Energy at http://www.awe-wind.com.

Americas Wind Energy, Inc. OTCBB: AWNE

Emerging Sector:
Wind Energy

Market Share Potential: Top Three

Recent Share Price:
(9/28/06 close)

Share Price Target 12-Month:
(400% Growth)

Share Price Target 36-months:
(2,000% Growth)


Five Key Factors
will drive
America’s wind energy

It’s destined to answer one-fifth
or more of America’s future electrical energy needs!

  1. An endless supply of energy. Wind power has grown to become the most important renewable energy sector in the world!

  2. Advancing technology. Now enables 4¢ to 5¢ per kwh production, competitive with natural gas at current prices.

  3. Environmentally Ideal. Wind power eliminates CO2 emissions and eliminates worries about global wamring. No pollution nor dangerous by-products.

  4. Readily integrated with existing electrical distribution. AWE class turbines fit to “distributed” systems, there is no significant new electrical delivery infrastructure required. (Not true with mega-watt wind farms.)

  5. Escalating pressures for energy independence. Wind is the only renewable power source with any hope of near-term to mid-term success.


Here’s why Americas Wind Energy may capture over 25% of the U.S. market for wind turbines:

It could be the only wind turbine capable of meeting our wind power growth targets for the next 3 years and beyond!

Americas Wind Energy turbines are designed to economically produce power at lower wind speeds. This greatly increases the geography where installations have potential.

Three key factors make Americas Wind Energy Turbines more competitive:

  • 10% Lower Cost: AWE turbines are direct drive (no gears). They are lighter, less costly to erect and maintain, producing electricity at lower cost per kwh.

  • Productive at Lower Wind Speed: AWE turbines can economically produce electricity at lower wind speed over a broader range of climates and terrain.

  • Easier to Connect to Grid: AWE turbines are better suited to stand-alone and “distributed” systems. One can be more easily connected to grid and produce revenue with fewer infrastructure upgrades.

Wind energy is the fastest growing energy sector in the United States and the world. If you’re not in now, then you’re completely missing the early market momentum.

Almost every energy expert in America will attest that wind power will grow at a pace that hits with hurricane force in a matter of months! You do not want to be standing unprepared!

I strongly recommend you consider adding Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) to your portfolio today.

Growth potential here is so huge and could take off so rapidly that you real potential for a $10,000 investment today to skyrocket past $200,000 in 24 to 36 months. Over the next 12 months, expect steady upward share price movement that could pay off 4 times your original investment!

I also strongly recommend that you make your move now. Wind energy is getting all kinds of press and AWNE is the only stock I could find ready to reward investors ground floor profit opportunity.

Company: Americas Wind Energy

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