Our Core Values and Beliefs:

  • We view recovery as a nonlinear, dynamic, on-going process, and a journey which is unique to each individual.
  • We meet people wherever they may be along the recovery continuum, and in whatever stage of acceptance or readiness for change.
  • We believe hope is essential to recovery, and it is our job to hold and inspire hope, particularly when others may be struggling with their ability to do so.
  • We understand optimal health and well-being involves the integration of multiple dimensions of wellness.
  • We respect everyone has the right to take risks, make mistakes, and to have opportunities to learn from them. In fact, we see this as necessary to personal growth.
  • We recognize safety and trust are critical elements to relationships and environments that promote healing and resilience.
  • We believe recovery is not defined by a person’s diagnosis, label, level of ability/disability, form of addiction, or assigned funding category.
  • We acknowledge peer support is an evidence-based practice, and that peer specialists are most effective when they apply their own “lived experience” in the role of coaches, mentors, guides and navigators (and NOT as recovery “experts”)
  • We value cultural diversity, as we believe it enriches and strengthens our communities;
    we respect the rights of others to have differing opinions, values, beliefs, backgrounds, traditions and preferences than our own.

Adopted by Wellness Connections’ Peer Advisory Council (PAC) September 2016

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