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"During the last 10 years, the Intelligent Investor Report has
provided subscribers with a wealth of insightful, practical and very
profitable investment advice available nowhere else
. . . including
47% average annual returns. At that rate, a $10,000 investment
grows to $68,641 in just 5 years."

Jarret B. Wollstein, Editor & Publisher
Intelligent Investor Report


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Jarret Wollstein -- Editor and Publisher of the Intelligent Investor Report -- has over 30 years experience as a political and economic analyst, and has written and edited financial newsletters for over 20 years.

He has an excellent record of stock picks, with many up over 30% in as little as a few months.

Millions of people throughout the world have read Mr. Wollstein's works, which include over 2,000 articles and 50 books and Special Reports, on economics, finance, and politics.

Mr. Wollstein also has an exceptional record of economic and geopolitical predictions, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks predicted in 1993 . . . the 2008 mortgage meltdown, predicted 18 months in advance . . . and enormous health insurance increases as a result of Obamacare. For more of Mr. Wollstein's predictions,
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The Intelligent Investor Report is a premier financial and geo-political newsletter.

For over eleven years, the Intelligent Investor Report has provided a host of exclusive information and advice that helps protect your assets, slash your taxes, and build your wealth.

In the Intelligent Investor Report, you will discover a unique blend of smart investment advice . . . cutting-edge economic and political commentary . . . exclusive privacy briefs . . . great stock picks . . . and in-depth analysis of vital issues that affect you and your finances.

Recent and upcoming IIR articles include:  Running on Empty: The Global Debt Crisis, how to protect yourself  . . . Uncle Sam's Plans to Seize Your Retirement Accounts: Urgent steps to take now to protect your wealth . . . 22 Practical ObamaCare Alternatives . . . World-Class Tech Stocks With 5 to 15-Fold Returns . . . The Case for Optimism: 20 Ways the World Is Getting Better.

In the Intelligent Investor Report you will also find world-class investment recommendations available nowhere else:

For the last 10 years our stock returns have averaged 47% a year (winners and losers included), all publicly-documented.

At that rate, a $10,000 investment grows to nearly $150,000 in just 7 years. That's world-class returns.

Here are a few examples of the HUGE returns from our current open stock picks (as of 10-21-15):


Altria Group (MO), up 204.99%


Dominion Resources (D), up 105.91%


Extra Space Storage (EXR), up 268.23%.


MasterCard (MA), up 174.11%

Whether you are young or old . . . a conservative or an aggressive investor . . . a long-time investor or a newbie, you'll discover great investment recommendations in the Intelligent Investor Report.


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Bonus #3: The Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver - 2016 Edition (a $35-value).  How to buy precious metals at the lowest possible price . . . how to sell privately . . . safest ways to store your metals . . . when prices are likely to soar. Should you invest in numismatic coins?  Best mix of metals to buy.

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Bonus #6: FATCA: A License to Steal Your Foreign Accounts (a $35-value). How the new Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is creating a nightmare for Americans living overseas and anyone who has offshore assets. How FATCA leaves you helpless before ID thieves. The horrific penalties for failure to report foreign financial accounts even if you owe nothing in taxes . . . 30% penalties for foreign financial institutions . . . ten ways to protect yourself from FACTA.

Bonus #7: Surviving Financial Crisis Mega-Report (a $95-value). 147-pages. Lessons from the Great Recession . . . why the next recession will be even worse and when it is likely . . . how to quickly get out of debt . . . how to slash your expenses . . . protecting your job and business . . . 15 ways to avoid foreclosure . . . protecting your home, family & community . . . how to make BIG returns during a financial crisis investing . . . creating a prosperous and free America.

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