Nike, Adidas, Motorola, Lands’ End, Marmot, and more…including a “Global Beverage Company” and a
“Fortune 100 Safety Products”
company are in too!

  • Oryon’s illuminated fabric, ELastoLite, gears up for explosive worldwide sales.
  • Company staging for immediate product roll-out: targets large volume manufacturing for enormous license deals.
  • I’m calling this an enormous profit opportunity for ground-floor investors…with better than 1,000% gains possible.

Dear Opportunity-Seeking Investor,

Urgent BUY Alert:

Oryon Logo
Company: Oryon Technologies, Inc.,
Status: Aggressive Buy
Upside: Substantial. Licensing and direct sales can project to billions in revenue. With only 30mm shares outstanding, ORYN could soar past $10 as the market recognizes its game changing technology.

Some of the biggest money-making stocks I’ve seen in my lifetime emerged from obscurity to global dominance. That’s exactly the potential I see in Oryon Technologies, Inc., (OTCQB: ORYN) today.

After nine years of product research and development, Oryon Technologies, Inc., has taken its breakthrough invention (ELastoLite), patented it every way imaginable (65 patents to date), and is now preparing it for market on a global scale.

If you are the kind of investor that likes to reach for the gold ring, ORYN should be in your portfolio right now.

ORYN is one of the best ground-floor technology buys I've seen in years!

The revenue potential is enormous. Ultimately, Oryon Technologies, Inc., could impact trillions of dollars in global markets, generating incredible wealth for investors who load up on ORYN shares today!

$18,000 profit potential from a $2,000 entry?
In my analysis, that's just getting started!
ORYN is a "Strong Buy" right now!

Within a few years, Oryon Technologies, Inc., could be generating billions of dollars in product sales and intellectual property licensing. The dollar you pay for the stock today could be a fraction of what it will be selling for in that time.

I'll be the first to admit, I can only speculate as to what ORYN shares could be worth in a couple of years. This technology is completely new, has no direct competition that I could find, and carries with it enormous sales potential that enters numerous multi-billion market categories.

That means one thing in my book…ORYN is not the stock for timid investors. This one is for aggressive investors who get juiced by breakout ideas, cutting edge technology, and the prospects for enormous profits.

ORYN at $10…$20…$30 or more? The potential exists
for any one of these figures, there’s just no clear data
set that narrows it down.

R&D image

No matter how I project this one, be it technical analysis or fundamentals, ORYN rises above it all. If nothing else, I can call this from the gut…I see enormous new market potential in ORYN and investors who get in now could strike it rich!

One thing seems certain, ORYN could be worth substantially more than the $1 entry price you can buy it for today.

I’ll put some meat on this and spell out what I think ORYN could grow to become.

Within a year, I believe that ORYN could be selling over $10 a share.

That’s ten-times what you can buy ORYN for today…solid ten-bagger potential for investors who move quickly.

My reasoning is simple. Right now, by reading this report, you’re one of the very few that even knows ORYN exists. The company quietly worked for nine years to perfect a next-generation lighting technology, and just began trading on the OTCQB.

Pixar potential, but getting started today.

Disney discovered Oryon Technologies, Inc., early in the game and was so blown away by the technology, the studio made the ELastoLite product a focal point of the movie, Tron: Legacy.

That’s not the first time a movie studio helped make a visual effect into a blockbuster money-maker!
Years ago, Pixar Studios revolutionized animation technology. It has now become a household word.

Working with the likes of Disney, Nike, Land's End, and others that are hinted at, but not officially announced…Oryon Technologies, Inc., and its stock have all the makings of a Pixar-like Cinderella story.

Now the $20 to $30 stock price begins to take shape.

When you add up the market opportunities of ELastoLite technology, it’s easy to see the near-term prospects for opening multi-billion-dollar markets.

oryn product

From the company website: “The patented technology trademarked as ELastoLite® enables thin, flexible, crushable, water resistant lighting systems to be incorporated into new and innovative product applications across multiple markets that otherwise would not have been feasible with previous lighting technology.”


All the substance, none of the hype!

If Oryon Technologies, Inc., came out with an IPO like many tech companies, you could see ORYN shares kicking off much higher than a dollar. With the multi-billion-dollar enormity of this company’s market potential, analysts could peg ORYN as a $5 buy right out of the gate.

My analysis is that Oryon Technologies, Inc., is much more than a $30 million market cap just as it sits today.

Add in some sales and a few high profile customers and I think ORYN could be a $300 million market cap!

That’s already on the books.

Recently, 125 million Razr® phones from Motorola were brought to market using Oryon Technologies, Inc.,’s ELastoLite to illuminate touch pads. Other product partners include Disney, Nike, Lands’ End, Marmot Mountain, and others that include a “global beverage giant” and  “Fortune 100 Occupational Safety Products licensee.”

Off the drawing boards, into production
and now publicly traded!

This is the breakout point for Oryon Technologies, Inc., and its shareholders.

From this day forward, my analysis shows that ORYN holds 10- to 30-fold profit potential, especially if you are among the first shareholders. And since ORYN just recently went public, buying ORYN now, before it finds broad market appeal, could pay the highest rate of return.

ORYN at $30.00+? It could happen faster than you might imagine and here’s why.

Oryon Technologies, Inc., (ORYN) Advances ELastoLite
in Product Partnerships With Global Market Implications!
Nike image
Sports Apparel:
$315 Billion Market
Partner Status: Announced

motorola image
Mobile Electronics:
$271 Billion Market
Partner Status: Announced

land's end image
Casual Clothing:
$500 Billion Market est.
Partner Status: Announced

New technologies enter the
market with explosive growth potential…and investors can
make fortunes!

It doesn’t take long for a breakout new technology to generate billions in sales.

A comparable example might be the growth of LED (light-emitting-diodes). Over the last three years, the market for LED lighting has grown 95% annually to more than $20 billion this year.

Longer term, LED lighting isn’t even close to its potential. SemiConductor Today reports that, “the general [LED] lighting market is of huge potential, with the market reaching US$100bn.”

I see that kind of potential in Oryon Technologies, Inc., (ORYN) because:

  1. Oryon Technologies, Inc., is on track to be the first, possibly the only company to market with its flexible lighting product, ELastoLite.
  2. The company reports holding 55 U.S. and international patents for ELastoLite with ten more pending.
  3. ELastoLite has already been tested and proven in real-world applications.
  4. The company is geared up for two significant revenue streams, both manufacturing and licensing.
  5. Multi-billion market potential is made possible by a wide range of potential applications across multiple product categories and industries.

Decades ago, when PCs first hit the market, naysayers blasted personal computers as having no long-term potential for consumers.

Skepticism like that is not being predicted for ELastoLite.

Oryon Technologies, Inc., reports that they have been evaluating multiple new business opportunities, even turning down some very high profile candidates.

For example, the company website coyly states that it turned down a market opportunity with a “high visibility German luxury car manufacturer.”

That sure sounds like Mercedes to me! And if I’m wrong, that leaves Audi or BMW.

Despite obvious and compelling product applications, an automotive application didn’t carry enough immediate market potential.

That’s important to note. Oryon Technologies, Inc., recognizes that despite the benefits of supplying technology to a company like Mercedes, their intention instead is to pursue avenues of greatest market potential.

At the top of that list is textiles.

ORYN Product Image

Tron's lighted costumes were no special effects, they were sewn-in fabric lights made of Elastolite® from Oryon (OTCQB: ORYN).  Glow-in-the-dark hits an entirely new, game-changing level!

Image from Disney movie Tron as seen on Oryon Technologies, Inc., website

ELastoLite goes where no light has gone before…

ELastoLite can be printed on almost any surface, including cloth.

Millions of movie-goers have already seen what ELastoLite can do. They’re about to see where it’s going next!

Disney first turned on ELastoLite's colors with costumes for the hit movie, Tron: Legacy. Many may have thought the lighted clothing was a Hollywood special effect. In fact, it was Oryon Technologies, Inc., ELastoLite material sewn directly on the actors’ clothing.

washing machine
ELastoLite is some incredible stuff . You can actually toss it in the washer and dryer or submerge it in water and it keeps on shining!

The visual effect was striking while at the same time, down to earth.

ELastoLite is a product that can be used in every day life on anything from t-shirts to outerwear. It can be washed, folded, wrinkled, scrunched, and keep on shining.

Imagine the applications!

A stadium full of fans with illuminated team logos on hats or t-shirts. Baby clothes with flashing, “I Love Grandma”. Safety gear for highway workers that lights up on its own. The list is enormous.

Let me translate that into dollars.

Oryon Technologies, Inc., breaks out of the gate targeting the apparel industry. From the company website:

“Within the target textile markets, approximately 7 billion units are shipped each year. This includes outerwear, industrial safety, municipal safety, military, athletic apparel, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, toys, footwear, sports gear and clothing accessories. These markets generate over $250 billion annually and are second only in size to the food industry.”

Real technology, real products and for investors,
very urgent! ORYN is a Buy Now!

man working on machine

$15 million in product R&D is just starting to pay off. Gearing up for a multi-billion-dollar market includes going public trading OTCQB as ORYN. Early shareholders are positioned for enormous profits as its unique, well-patented and scalable ELastoLite technology enters the global market.


Already in the market…targeting its share of
hundreds of billions in sales!

Oryon Technologies, Inc., reports that its push into apparel markets is well underway. ELastoLite has been test marketed “in over 100,000 apparel and gear items sold by Marmot Mountain and Lands’ End.”

The company also reports that it is moving forward on new product ideas with a “leading Fortune 500 sports apparel brand” and a “Fortune 100 Occupational Safety Products licensee.”

I’m taking a shot at this; my guess is that the sports apparel brand is Nike and the occupational safety licensee is 3M.

Oryon Technologies, Inc., already stated that it is working with Nike on new products. This would be a solid entry into a $125 billion global market, of which Nike holds a significant and growing share.

As for the occupational safety licensee, 3M is the only company I know of in this category that has a place on the Fortune 100 list, and they have a commanding share of the global market, particularly in high visibility fabrics.

Global giant 3M faces enormous losses in its reflective fabric market! Oryon Technologies, Inc., licenses to 3M could be worth billions in next-gen sales!

Oryon Technologies, Inc.,'s ELastoLite product could revolutionize high visibility clothing and safety equipment for police, fire, medical and military. Currently, high visibility strips are made of reflective material. Replacing reflective material with self-illuminated ELastoLite material would ensure certain visibility even in total blackout conditions.

3M covers just about every arena of personal safety equipment, extending into markets for fire, medical and police first responders, industrial manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding, military, building contractors and consumers.

High visibility clothing is a major component of 3M’s market. ELastoLite may be the one product that renders reflective cloth obsolete, putting 3M in the position of buying the rights, buying the company, or losing the market.

3M is not shy about writing big checks.

Recently, 3M paid $1.2 billion to buy out Indiana-based Aearo Technologies, Inc., adding new products in hearing and eye protection.

One might readily project a billion-dollar-plus deal for ELastoLite, but with all the revenue that ELastoLite might bring in from other markets, my guess is that Oryon Technologies, Inc., management could license to 3M, earning a constant flow of royalty income.

What markets can ELastoLite enter other than 3M’s high visibility fabrics?

Here’s the short list published on the Oryon Technologies, Inc., website:

banner globe

Add these all together and the market potential for ELastoLite can be easily projected into the billions of dollars.

For ORYN investors, this can spell enormous profits.

Here’s how far 2,500 shares of ORYN could go this year:

Bought today, 2,500 shares of ORYN could pay out $22,500 profit within 12 months!

For aggressive investing, 10,000 shares could pay $90,000 profit!

And that’s my 12-month forecast!

Oryon Technologies, Inc., carries far more upside for buy-and-hold investors.

With the revenue potential I see from global product sales and technology licensing, ORYN could soon rise to mid-cap status on a major exchange with a market cap over $1 billion!

Given that, 10,000 shares of ORYN could bring you a $320,000 payday!

If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you. These are huge numbers, but don’t let big numbers get in the way of a great buy. Investors have already proven you can make this kind of money in a textile product.

True Religion (now trading TRLG on NASDAQ) proved
there’s enormous money to be made in clothing!

Eight years ago, you could have loaded up your portfolio with True Religion Apparel stock at about 66¢ share. Just six months later, it was selling for $8.10. Total gain: 1,127%!

Like I said at the beginning of this report, ORYN could hit my $10 projection in less than a year…and that could be just a starting point.

And if ORYN tracks like True Religion shares did, your profits could be triple that.

That’s because a few months ago you could have sold your True Religion stock just north of $36.

Starting at 66¢, that’s a 5,350% profit…and this is for a company that makes jeans!

Now, turn your attention to ORYN and its global market potential in clothing, shoes, outerwear, protective gear, costumes, automotive materials, and specialty fabrics…the business potential in all these markets could be ten times what True Religion did with its jeans.

Can you see why I’m so excited about the future profits that ORYN? Keep this in mind while you think about buying ORYN shares today at about a buck.

My mid-course projection for ORYN is $30 a share. I believe it can hit that mark when its revenue passes the $350 million mark. I think that will be an easy target.

Oryon Technologies, Inc., is bringing its breakthrough, game-changing technology into multi-billion-dollar global markets!

With its initial markets targeting apparel, toys, safety gear, outdoor equipment, membrane switches and point of sale… $350 million in revenue could be a slam dunk!

Urgent BUY Alert:

Oryon Logo
Company: Oryon Technologies, Inc.,
Status: Aggressive Buy
Upside: Substantial. Licensing and direct sales can project to billions in revenue. With only 30mm shares outstanding, ORYN could soar past $10 as the market recognizes its game changing technology.

The math is easy. For a short time (and I believe it will be a very short time), you can load up on ORYN shares at around a dollar. In fact, I’d be moving in even if the shares pass $2.50. That still keeps you in home run territory on my short term projection of $10! What’s more, it’s better than a ten-bagger at $30!

With ORYN hidden from the spotlight and trading at around a dollar, now is the time to make your move.

My specialty as publisher
of MicroCap MarketPlace is
uncovering great micro cap
investments and frankly,
ORYN could be the best one yet.

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