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My first Canadian oil sands stock soared 1,667% in
just 9 months!

It shot from 49¢ a share to a stunning $8.30!

Now I have another (yes, there's still time to move on this)...

and it could be better than my first oil stock which paid...

$78,350 profit
from a $5,000 start...

$235,050 profit
from a $15,000 start!

This year, I'm telling investors to look seriously at Source Petroleum (SOPO). It's showing all the signs of quadruple-digit profit potential, repeating the performance of the stock I found last year.

Source Petroleum (SOPO)
is now tapping the world's largest oil field...
and you can get in at $2 a share!

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Source Petroleum


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Geoffrey Eiten, Publisher of OTC Growth Stock Watch, is widely regarded as a leading expert in small-cap stocks. His stock recommendations have averaged 320% growth over the last 10 years!


The recent drop in oil prices is only temporary.

It has created a huge buying opportunity.

SOPO could be the oil stock bargain of the century!

Source Petroleum, Ltd.

Symbol OTCBB:


1st Target: $8.00

2nd Target: $37.00

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To My Fellow Investor:

I hope you are not missing this historic situation.

Fortunes are being made in Canadian oil stocks as share prices skyrocket to historic highs.

It's a profit making bonanza turning pocket change into buckets of cash!

The timing is perfect. Oil prices have been taking a breather, but higher prices in 2007 are a certainty.

For a shot at solid profits in the months ahead, you should be loading up on new oil and energy stocks right now.

And for aggressive investing, at least one Canadian oil stock (like SOPO) should be in your portfolio today.

If not, you're simply walking away from money that's waiting to be made.

How can it be any other way?

America will NOT start running on corn squeezins and sunbeams anytime soon.

We need oil...lots of it for decades to come. Where will we get it?

No doubt it will be Canada.

Canada now holds the largest known oil reserves on the planet, even greater than Saudi Arabia's. It has become the number one hunting ground for everything we need.

  • New oil deposits...

  • New natural gas deposits and...

  • New entry level stocks with quadruple-digit growth potential!

Oil, gas and profits!

This is as close as it gets to a sure thing. Yes, I know you can lose money at this too, but look at the chart above.

I published a Special Situations Report on this stock last year. In nine months, it shot up 1,667%!

That's $15,667 pure profit for every thousand put in!

You don't have to put a lot of money at risk for a shot at huge returns. So if you're the kind of investor that wants to buy at the bottom of a chart like the one above, then feast your greedy eyes on this!

Source Petroleum (SOPO) put together one of the most impressive oil and gas portfolios found anywhere in over-the-counter issues. It now has...

1,320 square miles* of oilfields under SOPO lease!

*1,320 square miles is larger than New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta combined!

Consider the following facts & figures, keep in mind that many of these areas are literally drenched in oil...and SOPO's resource estimates are only for about 6% of its total acreage! On top of that, SOPO numbers are impressive in cash and petroleum resources:

Source Petroleum holds three significant leases in highly productive oil-producing regions. The company reports its two Alberta properties are approaching production stages with drilling underway or soon to begin.

The company reports assets totalling
8.2 billion barrels of oil

2 trillion cubic feet natural gas

$7.55 million in cash

$30,011 in debt

Only 70 million shares issued

Drilling underway in proven reserves

A recently announced intent to acquire 240 square mile acquisition east of Prudhoe Bay Alaska could add 1 billion barrels and 1 trillion cf of gas to SOPO assets

This is a stunning combination of balance sheet assets and in-ground resources.

SOPO shares trading near $2.00 are a screaming bargain!

In the coming months, look for SOPO shares to aggressively challenge my first target of $8.

Following that, Source Petroleum (SOPO) could fly to $37!

Don't expect this buying opportunity to last long.

When Wall Street finally catches up, it could send SOPO share prices into the bleachers, bases loaded!

Thankfully, I caught this early, so... is the time to get SOPO in your portfolio at an enormous discount to what could be its real value!

If you agree, then I urge you to move quickly and aggressively. Once it breaks, I anticipate SOPO shares will skyrocket to my $8 valuation...and never fall back to today's prices.

Even as exploration drilling is just beginning, investors could make a quick 4-time return on their money. But according to the geologists’ reports and already proven reserves, SOPO could be worth far more than my initial target of $8 a share.

Stick around and you could see
SOPO reward you with a 2,385% payday!

The profit potential in SOPO shares is among the best I’ve ever seen.

Because SOPO is new to the market, the word has not yet gotten out. When the market discovers SOPO, share prices could skyrocket.

In my view, SOPO shares are so undervalued today that even a small investment could catapult itself into stratospheric profits.

If you want to take a shot at these profits, then you must get in now!

I hope you recognize the urgency of this recommendation.

I’ve forecast the first SOPO share price target at $8, four times what its selling for now. But in my view, this is just a starting point for a long-term profit bonanza. After all...

–Oil and natural gas are in a secular bull market status that shows no signs of abating

–Canadian oil sands are the largest, most promising source of new oil for America

–SOPO properties are ranked among the best of the best in oil sands projects 

Any shot at profits like these is worth serious consideration, especially when Source Petroleum (SOPO) is already well funded with $7.55 million in the bank and has begun its drilling on known reserves. Revenues should begin flowing as early as second quarter 2007.

Act now, or you could be kicking yourself for getting in late at $4.00 or more! (SOPO shares could quickly double on the breakout, leaving unprepared investors praying for a consolidation that never comes.)

Do you want more profit potential like this in your portfolio?

If you are an aggressive investor, I already know the answer.

Over the years, the recommendations I’ve provided to subscribers in OTC Growth Stock Watch have grown an average of 320% from the date of my recommendation to each stock’s subsequent high!

320% growth on average!

I can’t think of any newsletter that has even come close to that record.

You can learn more about subscribing to my publications through the link below. But first, I recommend you make your decision about Source Petroleum (OTCBB: SOPO) today.

Just remember, should this stock take off like I think it will, you heard about it first from me!

Yours for profitable investing,

Geoffrey Eiten
Publisher, OTC Special Situations Report

P.S. I’m no stranger to finding stocks with quadruple-digit (1,000% or better) growth.

Over the years, my subscribers have been alerted to growth buys like this:

  • 13,538% on Express Scripts (ESRX)
    First recommended: 9/92 @ $0.60 – 8/15/06 $81.83 current
  • 4,217% on Natural MicroSystems (NMSS)
    First recommended: 4/94 @ $1.56 – with subsequent high 9/7/00 of $84.91
  • 3,089% on Advance PCS (ADVP)
    First recommended: 12/96 @ $1.19 – sell recommended 9/15/03 $36.76
  • 1,336% on Techne Corporation (TECH)
    First recommended: 6/93 @ $3.43 – 8/15/06 $49.25
  • 1,085% on Surmodics (SRDX)
    First recommended: 5/98 @ $4.88 – with subsequent high 6/28/01 of $66.90

Of course, not all of these stocks gain at the same time, nor do all of them do this well. But keep in mind my 320% average growth record mentioned above.

And keep in mind that Source Petroleum (OTCBB: SOPO) holds promise for blowing way beyond figures like these. You simply DO NOT want to be on the sidelines if that happens again!

Consider adding SOPO to your portfolio today and after you do, click the link below to learn more about the money-saving subscription offers to Geoffrey Eiten's publications.

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