And if you take advantage of this today, you may no longer have to depend on a paycheck!

With eleven main locations throughout Texas' Eagle Ford Shale, UAPC could be the most overlooked and undervalued micro-cap on Wall Street.

My current recommendation is on track to be a next BIG GAINER in micro-cap petroleum stocks.
Company: United American Petroleum
Recommendation: IMMEDIATE Buy
Buy Range: Up to $2.38/share
First Target 2012: $7.00
Long-Term Profit Potential:  3,300%*
*Based on historical performance of micro-cap stocks in major petroleum production zones.

Micro-cap producers are on a tear, racking up record profits ranging from 300% to over 3,300%!

To the Opportunity-Seeking Investor:

One of the most exciting predictions I’ve seen in years was recently published in Canada’s “Globe and Mail” newspaper:  Within this decade, America is likely to become a self-sufficient supplier of its own oil and gas.

“Booming oil production in the United States… propelled by technological improvements, stands to vault the U.S. within striking distance of being the top global crude producer by 2017, up from third today.” –The Globe and Mail 10/4/11

The trend line has clearly turned. This chart recently published by the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) shows that America is at the entry point to an explosive rebirth in domestic petroleum production!

You do not want to miss this money-making opportunity!

You do not want to miss this money-making opportunity!

I've never seen a situation like this. As you will learn later in this report, the profit figures for investors have been breathtaking. Triple and quadruple digit gains have been routine.

I’ve studied the factors behind the companies that took off and made shareholders rich. This report focuses on a junior energy producer whose stock is poised for skyrocketing growth in the coming months… and when I say skyrocketing, I mean off-the-chart!

An immediate buy: United American Petroleum (OTCBB: UAPC)

U.S. oil production climbed steadily until around 1970 when it peaked and began its decline. In 1973, the Arab oil embargo triggered a crisis reaction that re-ignited domestic production. However, conventional recovery techniques of the day could not sustain the growth. Today, the situation is markedly different. Advanced technology is now recovering oil and gas from previously unproductive resources. This is no "blip" on the radar. American oil production is on the rise.

Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s (CHK) Chief Executive Aubrey McClendon, said the push into shale oil could make the U.S. the No. 1 oil producer in the world.

McClendon went on to say, "The U.S., now the number-three producer, could reclaim the title of number-one oil producer in the world." Source: The Wall Street Journal

The opportunity is ideal. Based on what I’ve learned from the record of similar growth stocks… UAPC meets the key criteria for explosive gains:

  1. Early entry to the stock. UAPC shareholders who move in now are getting on the ground floor. The upside from here can be enormous.
  2. Early entry to the region: United American Petroleum sits in America’s hottest new petroleum exploration/production zone, Eagle Ford in south Texas.
  3. Multiple locations: United American Petroleum reports eleven main plays throughout the entire Eagle Ford region, a number of which lie in proven top-producing areas.
  4. Record setting buyouts: United American Petroleum is surrounded by major oil producing companies that have paid staggering sums for Eagle Ford property.
  5. Inside connections: United American Petroleum provides expertise and services to oil and gas producers throughout Texas. Management knows the business, knows the region, and knows the people.

Translation: UAPC is a prime candidate for the 300% to 3,300% gains that have been posted by many companies in similar situations!

How tempting is this…

$5,000 in UAPC today could swell to over $165,000!

Even if UAPC comes in at the low end of the winners list, you could pocket $10,000 to $15,000 profit!

Oil and gas producers have made these kind of gains for shareholders and in my view, it’s going to happen again… and UAPC is the best stock I’ve found for putting you in position for this!

I defy any analyst to find a better opportunity for an individual investor to knock it out of the park.

In fact, I doubt that you’ll find anything like this come again. It’s a near perfect alignment of key variables:

  • Millions will be made from stocks skyrocketing ten- to thirty fold thanks to America's surging new energy boom!
    → The energy stock featured in this report, United American Petroleum (UAPC), holds this kind of profit potential. A buy today could pay eight-to-one profits by 2Q in 2012.
  • The CEO of America's largest independent petroleum company says the U.S. "could reclaim the title of number one oil producer in the world."
    → Majors are scrambling to build domestic production assets. Record prices are being paid for new acquisitions, particularly in Eagle Ford, South Texas, where United American Petroleum (UAPC) is based.
  • Driving this boom is a new breed of micro-caps that are paying huge profits to early investors.
    → Energy producing micro-caps like United American Petroleum (UAPC) have been setting shareholder profit records unmatched by any sector in the market today.

Domestic oil production is shaping up to be the single most profitable investment you make this decade.

And the biggest money-makers, hands down, are petroleum-producing micro-caps.

Take a look at these numbers.

Investors are making fortunes in off-the-radar oil and gas stocks!
3,380% Profit! Mangum Resources: 25¢ a share to $8.56 in 24 months…
1,178% Profit! Rosetta Resources: $4.06 to $47.82 in 13 months
903% Profit! Abraxas Petroleum: 65¢ to $5.87 in 14 months
523% Profit! Argosy Petroleum: 65¢ to $3.40 in 11 months
523% Profit! Primary Petroleum: 4¢ to 92¢ in 16 months

The list goes on…and to me the message is clear:

  • Any investor looking for outsized gains from this market needs to own at least one micro-cap oil and gas stock.
  • My pick is United American Petroleum (UAPC). If you can get in for under $1.50, I suggest you do so aggressively.
  • By this time next year, UAPC’s prime locations in South Texas’ Eagle Ford shale could propel UAPC shares to the $7.00 range… which is why I’ve set the my current buy in price as high as $2.38... which could yield a three-times return on your money!

In a moment, I’ll get into more detail about the rebirth of U.S. energy production, and where you can put your money today for ten-bagger profit potential next year.

Before I do, I want to be absolutely clear about the staggering profit potential this energy boom has created for South Texas and United American Petroleum (UAPC) in particular.

$290,000 a barrel oil!?!

The deal just went down in Eagle Ford, the same neighborhood that United American Petroleum (UAPC) holds lease positions!

South Texas is becoming the hottest new oil play in America, and the focus is on Eagle Ford shale. The area is so hot, one major bought up Eagle Ford property paying a mind-numbing $290,000 a barrel for oil in production.

First, a little background.

Eagle Ford was only discovered in 2008 and analysts are predicting that Eagle Ford will surpass Bakken Shale in total reserves, particularly in oil reserves that extend along the northern band of the formation.

For investors who know about the enormous profits that have already been made in shale deposits like Barnett, Bakken, and Marcellus, the chance to get an early start in Eagle Ford is a dream.

Current data show that Eagle Ford could host 20 billion barrels of oil or more, plus trillions of cubic feet in natural gas.

In fact, reserve calculations are growing so fast that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) hasn’t even bothered to announce an “official” reserve figure for Eagle Ford!

One thing is certain:

United American Petroleum shareholders are in position for what could be a repeat of the triple and quadruple digit profits that have been made in newly discovered shale discoveries.

Three years ago it was the Bakken Shale…
Before that, the Barnett Shale (Williston Basin), Marcellus Shale, Permian Basin… these all made fortunes for investors who got an early start.

Now, you can get an early start in Eagle Ford and there’s no question in my mind that for making outsized profits in this play…United American Petroleum (UAPC) is the best start you’ll find in South Texas!

Looking at today’s map, you’ll see that United American Petroleum is right in the thick of the largest oil field discovered in the last forty years!

At a San Antonio petroleum conference, Pioneer Natural Resources estimated that the amount of oil and natural gas liquids in the Eagle Ford shale could total up to 25 billion barrels and the natural gas total 150 trillion cubic feet. These figures would exceed the known combined reserves in Alaska and in Federal offshore.

United American Petroleum (UAPC) holds eleven main positions in the Eagle Ford area, three of which are in the oil-bearing formations (green band) now commanding record acquisition prices.

United American Petroleum is already producing oil and gas and future development could be off the charts!

In Frio County, United American Petroleum is currently producing and exploring in an area with enormous reserve prospects. The company reports:

Nearby the Frio County Project, the untapped reserves in the region have been demonstrated by the Kinder Morgan-operated Yates Oil Field, which has yielded over 1.4 billion barrels and is expected to produce a further 1 billion barrels. Also nearby are the plays of the Bigfoot (6miles) and Pearsall fields.

United American Petroleum recently announced now owns 100% working interest in the Frio County, Lozano lease.

United American Petroleum has two properties in Gonzales County with a 100% working interest in the Marcee lease. Gonzales is a top producer in Eagle Ford. EOG Resources reports that three Gonzales wells produced 703 bopd (barrels of oil per day), 1,492 bopd, and 1,628 bopd. 

On 9/21/11, Magnum Hunter Resources reported two new Gonzales county wells, Oryx Hunter #1H and Sable Hunter #1H came in with initial flowing production (IP) rates of 2,044 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) per day and 1,017 BOE per day respectively.

EOG Resources reported four new Gonzales county wells IP’d at 1,238 to 1,487 BOE plus a third IP’d at 1,361 barrels of oil per day with 600,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

In Bastrop County, United American Petroleum’s development expands on existing data from current wells #3 and #4 to target up to 1.32 million barrels in the Gabriel-Rosser mound formation. The geologist report on this property had this to say:

We know three miles away from the Gabriel project, Exxon (Humble) was able to produce over 450,000 BO per well using gas pressurization in same apparent rock as we have in the Gabriel-Rosser complex.

We have a unique situation here. The Gabriel-Rosser mound complex is defined, has good remaining oil and pressure as evident by the Gabriel 3 and 4 well results. The Gabriel-Rosser mound complex [has] excellent reserve potential.

These three properties appear to be the immediate targets of the company’s business plan. The properties also lie in high-profile areas in Eagle Ford that should provide extremely high visibility to investors and producers in the region. I don’t know how UAPC can stay off the radar for long. The area is too hot.

In the coming months, I see substantial gains in UAPC shares as investors scour Eagle Ford for entry-level opportunities. As one of the first in, you could make a fortune.

That’s why I’m predicting that today’s shareholders could see UAPC shares soar to $7.00 near term.

For the buy and hold investor, UAPC is one of the best ten-bagger prospects I’ve seen in my career.

There’s more to like about American Liberty Petroleum

As a newly-gone-public company, American Liberty Petroleum already has a running start.

Revenue is pouring in from its business interests all across Texas, including operational activities in 8,000 acres, 250 wellbores and numerous offset drilling locations!

The company reports it has…

“…two sources of revenue, primarily those from production of hydrocarbons, but also from a secondary income stream from its operational activities in the oil and gas arena. 

“United is presently providing operational services for numerous oil and gas leaseholders in 15 Counties Statewide, covering almost 8,000 acres, containing 250 existing wellbores with many offset drilling locations identified.”

“With our years of experience in the region, we pride ourselves on our ability to perform any duty needed in the oil field, including, but not limited to:

  • Landman
  • Title and leasing
  • Lease work
  • Pumping and gauging
  • Geology and geophysics
  • Reserve estimates
  • Overseeing work-overs
  • Re-entries and drilling

 “We can also perform enhanced recovery such as water floods and gas injection and a wide array of other industry specific tasks.”


The vast majority of micro-caps I research barely have income, if any income at all.  

Not only is United American Petroleum receiving revenue… it’s bringing in more than enough to pay the bills!

What’s more, the valuation of its petroleum assets is just getting started…

In the coming years, as United American Petroleum builds its exploration and production base, the undiscovered resources waiting to be found could propel UAPC valuation many times today’s share price.

Buyers are lining up and paying top dollar for Eagle Ford assets!

With the explosive growth of exploration and production in the Eagle Ford region, investors are pouring in.

Many see another Bakken Shale profit opportunity where investors took home 300% to 3,000%+ profits from an early buy!

UAPC has that kind of profit potential, but only if you act quickly!

UAPC is an immediate buy up to $2.38.

And if you can get in under $1.75, call your broker and count yourself lucky!

By this time next year, UAPC could be selling over $7.00 a share!  

Oil production in the Eagle Ford has soared from 130,819 barrels in 2008, when Eagle Ford was discovered, to over eight million barrels this year.

You won’t believe what buyers are paying to get into United American Petroleum’s neighborhood!

There could be instant riches in a spectacular UAPC buyout!

Above, I mentioned $290,000 a barrel oil… well here’s the story.

The flood of money pouring into Eagle Ford is setting all kind of records. Some of the highest prices ever paid for oil-producing assets have been announced in recent oil deals.

In just the first half of the year, foreign investors pumped billions in South Texas.

  • Korea National Oil Corp. in March agreed to pay Anadarko Petroleum $1.55 billion for about 100,000 acres.
  • Last October China’s CNOOC agreed to pay Chesapeake Energy $1.1 billion to enter a JV on about 200,000 acres.
  • Also in October, Norway’s Statoil and Talisman Energy inked an Eagle Ford JV for $1.3 billion.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that Marathon Oil paid a breathtaking $290,000 a barrel for flowing oil… all to get at Eagle Ford reserves.

In a spectacular move to acquire Eagle Ford reserve potential, Marathon Oil bought 140,000 Eagle Ford acres for an eye-popping $3.5 billion! As reported in Forbes inn June of this year:

The deal breaks down to a purchase price of $290,000 per flowing barrel. That seems rich at first sniff, but equates to a more reasonable $35 per proved barrel, or around $7 per potential barrel. Per acre, the deal values prime Eagle Ford acres at around $21,000, a record for the play.

By the end of the year, expect Marathon Oil to add 100 million barrels to its reserves, with millions more as field development progresses.

And in a whopper of a deal reported in the Houston Business Journal this August, Australia’s BHP Billiton (world’s largest mining company) paid $12.1 billion for PetroHawk Energy Corp., a major player in Eagle Ford shale.

Houston Business Journal reporter, Melissa McEver writes:

Just two years ago, only small, independent explorers and companies backed by private funds were brave enough to risk drilling in the largely untapped, unknown Eagle Ford shale play.

Those days are over.

Now, big players in the oil and gas industry are scrambling to get into the game of investment in the now less-risky Eagle Ford.

The fever pitch of mergers and acquisitions is likely to continue, attorneys and accountants overseeing these transactions said.

“They’ll either continue getting into joint ventures or outright purchases of acreages and wells from smaller companies,” said Bob Thomas, partner at Houston-based law firm Porter Hedges LLC    , which has represented companies in several acquisitions. “It allows everyone to share the risk a little more and share capital. We’re seeing deals and ventures both upstream and midstream.”

“A good oil well in West Texas might make 200 to 300 barrels a day. In the Eagle Ford, it’s 2,000 to 3,000 barrels a day.” Trey Hunt, CPA, Weaver Oil and Gas Services.

The numbers keep soaring…

There is little time to waste getting in on this. Buy UAPC shares now and sit back for the ride!

The situation in Eagle Ford building incredible energy and early entries are vanishing.

It won’t be long before mainstream press and celebrity analysts like Jim Cramer (Mad Money) switch focus from the Bakken Shale to Eagle Ford Shale. When that happens, you’ll have missed the ground floor opportunity.

Don’t let that happen to you!

I believe that America’s move to oil independence will trigger a stampede of investors to U.S. based oil and gas production. I forecast that mergers and acquisitions will continue to set records and the value of micro-caps like UAPC will simply fly through the roof!

Make your move now to Texas with United American Petroleum (UAPC)…
Not only is Texas hands down the number one oil and gas producer in America, it also is home to the largest volume of oil and gas reserves in America, both onshore and offshore!
  • Bigger than the Bakken…
  • Bigger than Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay…
  • And getting bigger by the day!

Bigger by the day? Exactly… that’s how America is going to get back to become the world’s #1 energy producer.

Back to our oil-producing roots!

Industry experts have known for decades that a huge volume of Texas oil has been locked up in historically unrecoverable shale formations.

UAPC share prices could soar even if oil prices go down!

Even in the unlikely event that oil drops to $50… UAPC shares could still triple in 2012.

If global economics trigger a pullback in oil prices, don’t get fooled. Petroleum majors are still in full-tilt acquisition mode locking in future oil supplies.

Majors now price their acquisitions knowing that $200 oil could be just around the corner. For them, it’s  “buy now” at any price to keep their reserves growing.

My Advice: Ignore the price of oil today and buy all the UAPC shares you can while sticking to your personal investment objectives!

Technology has revitalized America’s energy production!

Horizontal drilling and fracking have become the breakthrough technologies to unlock America’s vast, untapped reserve potential. The figures are pouring in and the numbers are impressive.

In 2010 alone, Ernst and Young reports that U.S. oil reserves grew by 11% and gas reserves by 12%!

It’s too early to know, but I expect similar, if not higher numbers for 2011.

And where are those numbers being posted?

According to World Oil Online figures published in February, Texas had the largest oil reserve growth in the country, greater than North Dakota, Utah, Alaska and California… even offshore in the Gulf Coast!

I believe a tidal wave of energy profits is about to come pouring out of Texas… and my latest micro-cap buy, United American Petroleum (UAPC) could put you on the leading edge.

Data now suggest that the epicenter of this wave could shift to Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale just north of the Gulf Coast. Activity in this region has been off the charts…

Reuters reports that oil production in Eagle Ford is taking off, averaging 272,000 barrels per day in June, up from 70,000 in April. Experts predict that by 2013, Eagle Ford production could eclipse 400,000 barrels per day.

That’s nearly six fold growth in just a few years!
If you want to earn life-changing profit from U.S. energy production, Eagle Ford Texas is the place to look…

…and the stock I recommend for immediate purchase is United American Petroleum (UAPC)

If you get in on this now… you could pocket huge gains in this fast-growing region… just like investors did in the stocks (and those similar to them) that I mentioned above.

Right now, there is no better place in North America to be looking for an energy stock that can pay 3,300% profit than Eagle Ford, South Texas.

And the best stock I’ve found for locking in that potential is United American Petroleum (UAPC).

My top energy pick in South Texas: United American Petroleum (OTCBB: UAPC) Recommendation: UAPC is an immediate buy! Over the next 12 months, you can expect UAPC shares to skyrocket 500% to 700%!

When I look at United American Petroleum (UAPC), it’s growing positions in South Texas oilfields, and its current production and cash flow, I see that an individual investor could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars off UAPC shares!

As an off-the-radar junior situated in the nation’s largest oil and gas region, United American Petroleum’s prospects for share price growth in the near term appear exceptional…

…especially where UAPC is trading right now!

At under $1.00 a share, UAPC carries with it fundamentals of a screaming bargain!

In my analysis, UAPC is a $2.75 value as it sits right now. If any one of their many projects comes in well, you can expect that figure to double or triple!

Conservatively, a $5,000 start in UAPC could be worth $15,000 next year!

With favorable news, it could soar past $40,000!

Keep in mind, these figures are below average for many energy micro-caps that have already paid huge profits to their investors!

If you get in now… the high side gains (like the examples I gave above) could send UAPC soaring over 3,300%!

Here are four of my top reasons to contact your broker and buy UAPC shares now:

  1. UAPC now has eleven main projects in Texas, with working interests in many others throughout the state.
  2. The company is a current oil and gas producer and has plans in place to aggressively grow production in proven resource areas.
  3. Company management is the best in the business. In addition to technical and field services to their own operations, they provide outsourced oil and gas services to many other companies throughout Texas.
  4. UAPC financials are way ahead of most micro-caps I research, the company reports positive week-to-week cash flow from current operations alone.

Don’t miss this, even if it’s only a few thousand dollars, UAPC could yield tens of thousands of dollars in profits in the coming year.

Energy investing in U.S. energy micro-caps is simply too rewarding to ignore!

I defy any analyst to show me a market sector that consistently produces stocks that skyrocket 300% to 3,000% in a matter of just months.

They can’t…and here’s another strategy I see for you to get started on your 2012 profit journey right now…